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Auto Enrolment & Employee Benefits


Our Client is a SME active in the Northern Ireland technology sector. Their staff were becoming increasingly attracted to larger technology companies who were entering the market and trying to attract their staff by offering company benefits that usually only large companies could really offer.

The Challenge

We had to help our client find a way to retain their existing staff and also persuade new potential recruits that they should at least consider an SME employer. The company already provided Life Cover and Income Protection Cover and assumed that providing benefits which mirrored the larger competitor companies would have been cost prohibitive.

Our Solution

One of the main complaints received by their staff was that sick pay cover was non existent other than the statutory minimum. Yet, for the company to honour a better sick pay policy would have meant an unknown cost. Kerr Henderson sourced a sick pay policy which bridged the gap between 2 weeks continuous sick leave and the income protection policy taking effect. The insurer also offers rehabilitation services so the client quickly saw that a level of HR work would be done for them by the insurer in assessing the validity of any claims.

The client also opted to provide a Health Cashplan to provide optical, dental, therapy, consultation and MRI Benefits to all staff. Whilst not a full Private Medical Insurance policy, this did provide staff with the means to get quicker treatment for conditions, and the employer to get them back to work earlier.

To ensure that the client's staff best understood how they might utilise these benefits to their advantage, Kerr Henderson in conjunction with the client presented all the benefits to them in small workshop style groups.

If you would like to find out more on Corporate Pensions & Employee Benefits - take a look at our dedicated website.

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