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Auto-enrolment legislation states that all UK businesses with at least one employee must now put in place a workplace pension scheme, including minimum defined employer contributions by an assigned staging date. This has been a fundamental and radical change to the UK pensions landscape and best practice guidance recommends advance planning and careful management of workplace schemes now, in order to reduce the impact on your Human Resources, Payroll and Administration departments.

Kerr Henderson understands that, for many organisations, this legislation brings with it the potential to disrupt existing operations, and the threat of non-compliance leading to fines as imposed by the Pensions Regulator. Our consultants are ready to guide your organisation, whatever your staging date for workplace pensions. We provide expert advice and support for all business types throughout the UK, helping them to decide on how best to comply while investing in the future of their employees today.

Whether you have one employee or 250, these issues may also be significant for organisations that already provide pension arrangements. Kerr Henderson can guide and support you on what your requirements are now, regardless of any pre-existing group pension scheme.

Visit our dedicated auto-enrolment website now and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates on auto enrolment and employee benefits.

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