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A fundamental strategic issue for all businesses is the shape and scope of your employee benefits, including any pension arrangements you provide to your employees.

Key questions to inform your strategy and planning:

  • What are our statutory obligations & constraints?
  • What are the business objectives in relation to staff pension provision?
  • What can the business afford?
  • Where does pension provision sit in the overall remuneration strategy?
  • Do our pension arrangements comply with auto-enrolment requirements?
  • What form of pension arrangements best achieve our objectives?
  • Do we have a legacy defined benefit scheme?
  • What steps are required to implement pension change?
  • What are the operational considerations?
  • How will change be communicated?

We understand that making changes to staff pension schemes and the advent of auto-enrolment means your business strategies need to adapt quickly.

Kerr Henderson can help you and your business see things from a fresh perspective and together we can effectively review your objectives and work with you to develop and implement a suitable strategy for the future.

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