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26 October 2020
Rewritten retirement rules

In 2015, the retirement rules were rewritten. The rules, which came into effect from 6 April 2015, have changed the way people take money...

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21 October 2020
Delaying Retirement

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic crisis has thrown some of the nation’s retirement plans up in the air. As a result, a number of...

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16 October 2020
Planning to Leave a Family Legacy?

We are living in extraordinary times right now, in the grip of a global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Many people are concerned to ens...

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12 October 2020
Investing During Retirement

Retirement is a major accomplishment for most people. You’ve worked hard all of your working life to save and prepare for your reti...

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14 September 2020
Born after 5 April 1971?

From 6 April 2028, anyone who has not previously taken pension benefits will not be able to do so unless they have reached age 57 –...

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10 September 2020
SME Support Forum - September 2020

The SME Support Forum Northern Ireland was established by thr...

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9 September 2020
Financial fallout from COVID-19

It is becoming uncomfortably clear that while not everyone has been physically affected by coronavirus (COVID-19), every...

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4 September 2020
Preserving your wealth

Whether you have earned your wealth, inherited it or made shrewd investments, you will want to ensure that as little of...

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26 August 2020
Building a strategy that meets your financial needs

The only constant in life is change, which is why individual financial life planning should not be a one-off exercise. Reviewing your fin...

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19 August 2020
Looking to the future

We spend our lives planning for our next holiday, for a family, buying a property, funding a child’s education and for the...

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