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8 April 2020
Client Update: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) & Investment Markets

We can relate to tales of people and businesses adapting to the strange new circumstances and if we can be optimistic about anything, it...

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25 March 2020
Client Update: Business Continuity

As a result of the government’s latest advice in relation to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Kerr Henderson has closed its off...

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23 March 2020
Client Update: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) & Investment Markets

In our email of 11 March, we advised you of the steps we were taking to ensure continuity of our services in response to these unpreceden...

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11 March 2020
Our Response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

We currently have no concerns regarding our ability to continue to provide our services to our clients. To m...

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2 March 2020
A long life needs a smart retirement plan

Your 50s are a crunch time when saving for your retirement. If you’ve already set a retirement savings target but have been neglect...

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26 February 2020
Working into old age

Britain is growing old, and not just proverbially. As the population is set to increase, the proportion of the population aged 85 and ove...

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21 February 2020
‘Presenteeism’ more of a problem than absenteeism

Feeling ill? Well, staying at home would seem to be the sensible course of action. However, for many, going to work while sick has become...

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17 February 2020
Parents and Grandparents delay passing on wealth

Increasingly, we read and hear about how the Bank of Mum and Dad is being stretched to the limit, as children are making increasing calls...

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12 February 2020
Mind the Income Gap

When most people envision their retirement, positive images start forming. We may picture spending our days lounging on the beach, travel...

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5 February 2020
Health fears

They also represent a valuable talent pool for employers as Britain struggles to counter a growing skills shortage. It’s an unfortu...

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