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18 November 2019
Retirement resilience

Please note that a SIPP is a type of Personal Pension, and the rules as to how much you can contribute to a SIPP are the same as a Person...

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13 November 2019
What's important to you?

Be prepared for any financial emergency Typically, emergencies don’t let you know they’re on their w...

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30 October 2019
Small cash sums from your pot

For each cash withdrawal, normally the first 25% (quarter) is tax-free, and the rest counts as taxable income. There might be charges eac...

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23 October 2019
Delaying taking your pension

You might be able to delay taking your pension until a later date if your scheme or provider permits this. If you want your pension pot t...

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16 October 2019
Tax Relief and Pensions

Tax relief means some of your money that would have gone to the Government as tax goes into your pension instead. You can put as much as...

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9 October 2019
Self-invested personal pensions

A self-invested personal pension (SIPP) is a pension ‘wrapper’ that holds investments until you retire and start to draw a re...

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2 October 2019
State Pension

The State Pension is a regular payment from the Government that is claimed when you reach your State Pension age. The State Pension is ba...

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25 September 2019
Blending your retirement options

If you are looking for a balance of flexibility and security to suit your circumstances, you could consider blending your retirement opti...

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18 September 2019
Pension Freedoms

A revolution in pensions transformed the retirement prospects for millions following the passing of the Pension Schemes Act 2015. April 2...

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14 June 2019
Retirement Options

Deciding what to do with your pension pot is one of the most important decisions you will ever make for your future. The ‘pension f...

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