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22 January 2020
Time to update your planned retirement date?

Millions of savers risk missing out on money from their final pension pot if their provider doesn’t have their correct planned reti...

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17 January 2020

Once we enter January, the end of the 2019/20 tax year will be just over three months away on 5 April. As this date approaches, the windo...

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13 January 2020
‘Sleepwalking’ into retirement

There is a widespread and common-sense-based perception, backed to some extent by evidence, that planning and preparing for later life is...

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20 December 2019
Financial Support

This highlights a worrying increase in the probability of experiencing long-term sickness absence as we age. 3% of workers under the age...

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16 December 2019
Taxing times ahead

Potential tax bill shock For those who take their entire pension fund in cash, they not only face paying more in...

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11 December 2019
Boosting investment returns

Three years on from the 2016 referendum, and with ongoing political wrangling, the eventual outcome of Brexit is still uncertain. Brexit-...

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6 December 2019
The future of work is coming

Rising life expectancies and an ageing workforce present organisations with unprecedented challenges and untapped opportunities. As talen...

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2 December 2019
Lost Pensions

Nearly two thirds of UK savers have more than one pension, and changing work patterns mean that the number of people with multiple pensio...

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27 November 2019
Saving adequately for the future

The number of people saving enough for a comfortable retirement has hit its highest ever level, with almost three in five Britons (59%) n...

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22 November 2019
Cashing out

The pension changes brought a whole new range of options to consider. Individuals now have to think about whether they want an annuity, d...

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